Artist Statement

When I was growing up my most memorable moments were spent with my grandparents at their cabin in Fish lake, Washington. I loved fattening up the squirrels with peanuts, taking walks down the gravel road, watching the humming birds, sitting on the deck painting the glistening lake water, and spending time with my grandparents. Everything was so peaceful; the smell of a fresh rainfall, the sound of birds, wind in the trees, the beautiful flowers, even sitting in the boat waiting for the fish to bite. My jewelry is inspired by these special times in my life. Nature brings back these fond memories, it’s a way of re-living the past. I am completely astounded of the beauty that surrounds me. Nature has indeed inspired me in many ways inside and out and I hope through my wearable art I can inspire others and bring them joy.

Fish Lake 1Fish Lake 2Fish Lake 3